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E.Phillip Vallejo

Houston, TX
Texas Rock n Roll for your funky bluesy soul! Hard original Texas Rock


Houston, TX 77039
alt rock
alternative, rock,


Conroe, TX 77305
High energy variety dance band featuring excellent musicanship and tight vocal harmonies.
covers, dance, r&b, rock, classic rock


Houston, TX 77084
Echoes is a Houston-based Pink Floyd tribute band dedicated to reproducing live, faithful renditions of full Pink Floyd albums cover-to-cover. The full albums in the bands repertoire as of January 2009 include: Meddle(which, of course, includes the song Echoes), Animals and Wish You Were Here. Echoes also plays side 2 of Dark Side of the Moon as well as the song Comfortably Numb from The Wall. The band expects to finish out the rest of Dark Side if the Moon early in 2009.
classic, rock, covers


Houston, TX 77204
We're a local garage rock band pulling influences from people like Dinosaur, Jr, The Motards, Neil Young, Nashville Pussy and more...
garage rock, punk, grunge,

Ed Maly Band

Sugar Land, TX 77487
The Ed Maly Band plays guitar-centered blues/rock and classic 60's music!
originals, rock, blues

Eddie Swanson

Houston, TX
We refer to ourselves as "Retard Rock". Basically, you could hear us sandwiched quite nicely on a radio station like the Buzz or KLOL. Heavy and catchy, pop meets metal...
rock, pop, metal

Eden's Thorn

Houston, TX 77304
Eden's Thorn was formed in 2010 and is from the Houston area. The band members are Jonathan Davis (vocals/guitar), Jason Allen (vocals/bass) and John Bonanno (drums/cowbell). With fresh lyrics and driving music, Eden's Thorn is making waves in south Texas. With a solid rock sound and soulful vocals, each song will leave you wanting more. Their music is positive and hopeful, and the band members hope that it makes a real difference in their listeners' lives. Although they've only been together for a short time, the guys have been writing songs and playing gigs for almost two decades. Their passion for good songwriting extends into everything they do. Songwriters first and entertainers last, they want the music to speak for itself.
rock, christian, ministry

Effn Escence

Houston, TX 77063
Houston's Evanescence Tribute
Rock, hard rock, alternative, covers

EIE (Everything is Everything)

Houston, TX 77017
Our music is powerful and has the ability to reach into your soul and tickle it. It's a sweet and sour mixture that tastes good to everyone. Heavy and light....you decide
metal, alternative, rock, trippy, hardcore,

Eighth Day

Houston, TX 77018
Contact us through e-mail! Thanks!
rock, metal, groove


Lake Jackson, TX 77566
EIGHTYPLUS does covers from the 80's, plus hard rock,classic rock, metal and buzz. We cover songs you grew up to in the 80's skid row -18 7 life- metallica -sad but true-journey-separate ways rush -limelight,I can go on and on so look us up and see we are EIGHTYPLUS!!!!!!!!!
covers, 80's, hard rock, classic rock, metal, buzz,

Eileen Faxas

Houston, TX 77081
This Cuban-American singer-songwriter combines the soaring voice of Celine Dion with the rhythms of Gloria Estefan. In English, her songs are pop and power ballads. In Spanish, she's go the power ballads AND delicious, booty-shaking salsa!
POP (Hot AC Adult Contemporary)

El SubMosheen

Baytown, TX 77520
From the lowest depths of highbrow rascuachismo comes the one, the only, EL SUBMOSHEEN, bringing you heart and soul from way beyond on a spacecraft built from and powered by Nixtamal, Rock and Roll, and ganas...vote for us and all your wildest dreams will come true...like playing pong with Cantinflas, Bob Dylan, Perry Farrell, and Elfego Buendia, not to mention your Grandma.
Alternative, Latin, Experimental, Indie, Chingon con Carne


Sugar Land, TX 77478


Houston, TX 77375
Classic Rock +
Classic Rock


Houston, TX 77065
We play mostly modern rock cover songs with a few standards and originals mixed in. We are an intense rock band but not hardcore. We do everything edgy and aggressive.
rock, alternative, pop, groove,


Houston, TX 77004
metal, tribute

Eli Young Band

Houston, TX 77201
With likely the fastest growing fanbase of all emerging acts in the Southeast and Southwest, the Eli Young Band has been turning heads with its high-energy performances and a string of sold out shows. In the last year, the Eli Young Band, comprised of Mike Eli, James Young, Jon Jones and Chris Thompson has hit its stride, selling as many as 2,000 tickets a night in multiple markets. After the release of their 2005 debut LEVEL, on Carnival Records, the band quickly earned comparisons to the Jayhawks and Counting Crows.
country, texas country,

Elizabeth White

Sugar Land, TX 77496-6
Folk Rocker a la early Melissa Etheridge/Indigo Girls

Elvis Thrasher

rock, elvis impersonator

Emily Lewis

Coldspring, TX 77331
I sing folk, indie, jazz, blues, and bluegrass.
acoustic, blues, jazz, folk, indie, bluegrass

Eminent Hero

Houston, TX 77062
Eminent Hero is very punk-inspired, although with two of the best guitarists in town and a rhythm section not afraid of innovation, elements of delta blues, hard rock, and even Texas country have been found to influence this band from Houston. These boys from Houston stay true to the roots of rock n' roll and astonish every living soul that happens to get curious and stop by a HERO show. Offensive in its intensity, potent in its instrumentation, and uplifting in its live performances, Eminent Hero captures the spirit of Rock in its purest form. Their true strength is in a powerful stage presence and their ability to entertain. It is good... to be king.
hard, rock, punk, originals, covers


Santa Fe, TX 77517
Our sound is very hard to describe, influences of metal, influences of punk, influences from everything. The covers we have chosen are punk and emo, but mostly, I think we are mostly metal/post-hardcore.
alternative, emo, hard, hardcore,heavy, metal, originals, pop, rock, and post hardcre

Empty Hollow

Houston, TX 77036
Hard Alternative Rock......influences such as Nirvana
Hard, Alternative, Rock,


Houston, TX 77013
Dark blues rock
Rock, blues, jazz, jamband, progressive, funk, groove, alternative , punk, pop

Endless Day

Houston, TX
we are heavily influenced by bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Police, etc.
alternative, rock

Engineered Society Project

Houston, TX 77064
Thought Provoking Heavy Metal


Houston, TX 77590
Houston's newest rock band
hard rock, rock,

Enrique Infante

Houston, TX 77429
A Latin Fusion Pop/Rock Band, that mixes rhythms from Latinoamerica and El Caribe, with pop, rock, funk, and Latin Jazz
Latin, originals, pop, reggae, rock, ska, world, Fusion.


Houston, TX 77088
Hip-Hop, Horror-core rap.
Hip-Hop, Horror-Core Rap


Houston, TX 77339
Well we are a hard rockin metal band out of kingwood
Metal, industrial,


Cypress, TX 77429
Thrash metal with roots of (Old)Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera and a dash of Lamb of God.
Thrash, heavy, metal, originals, speed, aggresive,

Epic Death

Houston, TX 77062
Epic Death is a black metal band with death and thrash influences. It is the ultimate classical music meets metal.


Houston, TX 77204
A pushy yet groove-filled urbanized linkin park. Creative guitar playing, heart racy drumming, solid trend setting bass, delightful keyboard magic, harmonic and gutsy rap flows, and a missile-like singing voice to compliment the rap flows.
alternative, hip hop, groove

Erase the Virus

Houston, TX
Erase the Virus is an industrial/metal band from Houston. Their music is fueled by industrial beats, metal (up your ass) guitar, and lyrics about sex, drugs, god, and rock & roll. This band tends to make more enemies than fans.
industrial / metal / goth

Eric G & Evolution

Victoria, TX 77901
Pop Rock Cover Band.Top 40,Classic Rock,Alternative,Oldies,R&B

Eric Myers Band

Montgomery, TX 77356
From exciting red dirt rock'n country to classic dance hall country, the Eric Myers Band plays the music people want to hear.
country, covers, dance, rock, western swing,

Eric Smith Band

Bellville, TX 77418
A mixture of covers and originals. Were a 4 piece band with an occasional keyboard/sax player when Hes available
Classic rock, blues, blues rock, country.

Eric Tessmer Band

Austin, TX 78745
he Eric Tessmer Band's high-octane performances are known for packing clubs in the band's hometown of Austin, TX. They bring various backgrounds, influences, and musical genres into the sound of the blues trio.
blues, rock

Eric Wilson

Houston, TX 77021
Lyrics are deep and profound with hints of sarcasm. With songs filled with splashes of humor and underlying angst, you are bound to find you, or a reflection of you, while singing along. The music speaks to all of our hearts, our relationships, and our dreams. Sonically pleasing, Eric Wilson has given particular attention to each sound you hear… From the whistling acoustic and electric guitars, to the flow of the piano, complimented by the balance of bass, guarded by the roar of drums and delicate percussion. Many nights of writing, singing, creating, arranging and playing music to prepare for the album. This album sums up the heart of a man in retrospect of his 20s. Eric Wilson, the singer/songwriter/musician has the power to captivate all audiences with his timeless music…he tells a story of life, fear, struggles, hope and perseverance. “The Twenties” has made its mark for a truly Independent Artist.
Pop, Alternative, AC, Adult Contemporary, Grammy, MTV, IMA

Erica Marks

Houston, TX 77498
I am a soulful rock singer. classic rock, blues, R&B.
Houston Female Lead Vocal singer young classic rock blues

Erin Eder

Hempstead, TX 77445
Rock/Bluesy beat blended with a little country
Rock, Blues, Country,

Erin Jaimes (& Her Bad Habits)

Houston, TX
Erin's fresh & haunting vocals front a scorching modern blues band, featuring innovative Texas legend John McVey on guitar.
blues, originals, traditional, swing

Ernie Trevino Band

Power Trio
Covers, Classic Rock, Rock,


Houston, TX 77012
Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal
Blues, Original, Alternative


Houston, TX
fast rock 'n' roll, punk, rockabilly
rock, punk, rockabilly

Essence Of Tranquility

Spring, TX 77389
As a musician you strive to be all you can be Getting away from the music that the music world wants and bringing back a sound thats disappeared for some time now Bringing a new sound to the table once again or rather an old sound but revitalizing it todays technology Nevermore is nevermore The sounds of bands that u dont hear today.
Metal, Death metal, melodic, speed, funk, jazz, folk, groove, mellow, classical

Eternal Exhaust

Houston, TX 77573
Eternal Exhaust is the musical identity of Scott Lee. Carefully crafted hard rock looking to inspire those who share a message.
hard rock, acoustic, rock,

Eternity's End

Houston, TX
Progress/Symphonic Metal
Progress, Symphonic, Metal


Houston, TX 77072
We are five guys who found each other strangely in perfect circumstance. The vision, or so called 'living thing', began w/ Jared, and as we slowly but surely assembled, began piecing together this life, this sound, into what we now call Euphilia. As individuals, we have almost completely different, but somehow so alike life backgrounds...our understandings of life, art, and music manifest itself everytime we come together, our experience of struggle, suffering, good times and bad, translate temselves into every song we create. Every song put together, to give breath to this 'living thing', gives us purpose...and somehow we become one. We try to incorporate all of our influences into our sound to make it as complete as possible, Hard rock to Hardcore, Instrumental to Experimental, Post-Rock to Whatever we like. So, as we keep this being alive, we hope that the people with open ears and open minds can help keep it alive. "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
Hard Rock, Rock, Experimental, Ambient, original

Eve of Autumn

Houston, TX 77007

rock, metal,


Houston, TX 77037
Out of the overcrowded cesspool of musical redundancy EvenKill is on a mission to not only be heard, but remembered. We are a 4 piece melodic metal band from Houston Texas who's influences vary literally from one end of the music spectrum to the other. With crushing guitar riffs, a solid bass holdin it down, drum beats that force your head to move, melodies that stick, and lyrics most can relate to, we are confident our music will appeal to a broad group of listeners, but rather than telling you how great we think our music is we would rather it speak for itself. Evenkill prides itself on its high energy live performance playing in front of 50, or 500 we make sure the crowd is having as much fun as we are. Our debut album "Almost Sober" will be coming out this fall, make sure you get your reserved copy today.
Metal, Rock, Metal,

Evil Empire

Houston, TX 77479
Evil Empire is Houston's premiere Rage Against the Machine tribute band that is a force to be reckoned with. Evil Empire is taking the tribute band scene by storm with their powerful stage presence and attention demanding performances. With Raul Rodriguez spittin' the closest representation of Zack de la Rocha's vocals ever heard, Abel Juarez kickin' out the funk blast on bass guitar, Jeremy Peterson bringing the hard hitting thunder on percussion and Matthew Chevalier bringing the jarring creativity of Tom Morello on guitar, we're an accurate live music reproduction of Rage Against the Machine that'll leave you feeling like you watched the original band itself.
rap, rock, funk, alternative, covers, heavy, tribute


Deer Park, TX
A little bit of new metal mixed with old influences of pantera and metallica...
Metal/hard rock


Houston, TX 77002
excuseMesir is a trio from Houston, Tx that formed in mid January of 2012.
Touch-style, Groove & Tap,

Exit 380

EXIT 380 formed in Denton, TX in Spring 1999. This traveling rock band has polished it's live act on the road through continous touring & gigging. EXIT 380's style comes from a varied combination of rock, alternative, & blues. What sets this band apart is their dedication to their grassroots fanbase & energetic live shows.
alternative, bluegrass, rock


Humble, TX



Houston, TX 77478
"Hailing from Texas comes the next generation of Brutal TXDM.Get your depends on for Explosive Diarrhea.Super heavy and massive brutality that should make you lose your bowels.Following in the vein of such giants like Devourment and Prophecy.Explosive Diarrhea are a force to contend with."
heavy, hard, death, metal, rock, grindcore,

Ezra Charles

Bellaire, TX 77401
It's like Jerry Lee fronting Brother Ray's early band and writing new 60's music.
boogie-woogie, swing, blues, r&b

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