I first heard the name Wayside Drive many years ago when it was referred to as a street in southeast Houston. I always thought the name was really cool. First, just read it again. Wayside Drive.

way·side - n. The side or edge of a road, way, path, or highway.

drive - n. Abbr. Dr. A road for automobiles and other vehicles.

Putting aside the many different meanings and combinations of meanings of both words, THEY NAMED THE ROAD AFTER PART OF A ROAD! How ironic. How cool.

Wayside Drive, the street, is also mentioned in Rodney Crowell's ode to the musician lifestyle and growing up in Houston during the sixties and seventies called "I Ain't Living Long Like This," which would turn out to be a pretty important song in my musical education and lifestyle. But that's another story for later. So, I really thought it was cool when a band called Wayside Drive signed up to HoustonBands.Net but I was worried if said band could live up to the name that has held a pretty prevalent place in my memories.

Well, I needn't have worried, because Wayside Drive is also a dynamic alt rock outfit with big songs and a bigger sound, combining David Bowie's Hunky Dory/Ziggy Stardust era style vocals and glam rock attitude with U2's arena riffs but without the androgynous outfits and Bono's apparent need to save the world.

Wayside Drive's new release
These Words Will Keep (live)

Listen to "High Above It"

You can get the new release from Wayside Drive online at the Wayside Drive Merch Store.

Wayside Drive is also a band that has been picked for a tribute album to an artist named Jandek. Which is just way cool to me. (If you haven't heard about the most underground musician in America click here. Jeremy told me he discovered Jandek after reading my article and decided to try for a spot on the album. And they got picked! How cool is that?!)

The tribute is called 'Down In A Mirror - A Second Tribute To Jandek' and was released worldwide by Summersteps Records on April 19th. Wayside Drive covers Jandek's "The Spirit." Some of other notable artists on the compilation are Mountain Goats (from 4AD records, same label as Pixies, Breeders, etc) and Jeff Tweedy (founding member of Wilco.)

Wayside Drive is also Jeremy Osborn (guitar, vocals) Natalie Osborn (bass, vocals) Jason Woods (drums) and Kevin Elbert (guitar, vocals)

Wayside Drive is also a powerful live experience. I took some photos of Wayside Drive at Rock Starz Patio but these below by Mary Morales are much better.

Go see Wayside Drive Live!

Saturday May 21, 2005

300 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77006

Cover $10, Presale or at the door.



images courtesy http://waysidedrive.com
& http://summersteps.com.

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