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On Superna's web site the image of Melanie Brinks fades in and she's lookin like she's ready to chew on you. Lunch, that's all you are. Then you get to Melanie's bio page and get the full on one fingered salute. Oh! she's making me.. uh, nevermind. But the good stuff don't stop there. The band behind the girl with the low growl has all the textures, melanies.. I mean melodies and enough power to satisfy your metal soul.

Emerging from The Cryolab, the studio and hub of Superna, Nick Midulla blends guitar sounds around your ears with "Obiwan Spinobi" aka Stephan Ray on the turntables, keys, and otherworldly beats, resident musical therapist Johnny Thompson on bass, "Easy Day" Rey Garcia contributing percussion, guitars and spirit, and the launch sequence himself, Rico Garcia (no relation) on drums and overall balance.

The songs are only clips on the website but nice lyric pages with crazy beautiful backgrounds make up for it. I couldn't get the Superna radio to play but it I guess it just makes you wanna order a cd that much more. The cd is "Reflect," now out on local label guy Bob Wilkinson's Solar Flare Records. You can get it at my favorite online cd store CDBaby.Com

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Feature Bands Archive

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