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From the quiet neighborhoods of Houston's upper west side, a musical force known as the STONE KINGS is gaining momentum. This four-piece group developed its own signature sound for the last two years in rock music venues throughout Houston, Baytown, Conroe, Galveston, and all points in between. They keep it raw, real, and rocking. In a music scene unimpressed with unimaginative modern rock formulas, the STONE KINGS are instantly recognizable by the double bass-drumming of CJ Philpot, jumping bass lines of Eddie Lee King, blistering lead guitar of Matt Hoffpauir, and the wailing, classic vocal style of Randy Folk. The STONE KINGS southern sounds resemble an amalgamation of Stone Temple Pilots and ZZ Top, with a little Black Crowes added for flavor and just a pinch of Eric Johnson. The result is a tasty Texas-style rock show that you'll want to hear again and again.

The STONE KINGS popularity has grown most recently due to their first single recorded at Two Stooges studios. The song "Bittersweet" written by Houston songwriter Carolyn Wallace, and the impassioned rocker "Lonely as the Night" penned by Matt's Uncle Ed Hoffpauir, were released in December of 2003 and well-received by their fans and converts alike. The band is now solidifying their schedule for the coming year and have been receiving critical acclaim from all over the globe thanks to the Internet. "Bittersweet" has even appeared on playlists on Internet radio stations in England, so the word is getting out.

Chosen by TexasJam.com and OutboundMusic.com to play at this years South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival, the STONE KINGS are one of a select few Houston bands that will be playing this year. TexasJam.com has provided much needed and appreciated support in getting this special Houston music showcase put together.

The STONE KINGS will be performing at Headhunters located at 720 Red River in Austin, Texas on March 15th starting at 9pm, right in the heart of the SXSW festivities. Their first full length album is scheduled for release on May 1st of 2004. For more information and to download free MP3s visit www.StoneKingsBand.com.


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