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The Outboard Johnson Band was formed in 1997 in Nacogdoches, TX by founding members Doug and Phil Johnson. The half-brothers had played in many different groups over the years. The two had only met in 1995 at the funeral of their father, Johnson J. Johnson. They discovered that their father, a traveling musical instrument salesman, had been married to each of their mothers in towns 100 miles apart. Doug and Phil wanted to further their family bond and started the Outboard Johnson Band. They played together on and off for five years and built up quite a following. Both guys ended up settling down in Houston in 2001. Little did they know that their lives and musical careers were about to change forever....

You have to go to their web site and read the rest of the Outboard Johnson's hilarious bios, but it's suffice to say the bands name fits perfectly with the mix of classic rock, southern rock, modern rock, party tunes, and even a few oldies and country songs. I have not heard them since they are a little out of my neck of the woods, but I can tell just from their story that they are immersed in the wild Gulf Coast rocker tradition. Outboard Johnson is waiting to rock your function and spread the love of the Johnson across the south. They have a promotional CD finished that includes their first original song "Heroes." Go see 'em and get your free CD.

Outboard Johnson is Doug Johnson, bass and vocals; Phil Johnson, rhythm guitar, harmonica, and vocals; Justin Johnson, lead guitar; Charlie Johnson, drums.

January 24th, 2002 Blondie's
1026 South 8th Street
La Porte, TX 77571
(281) 471-6363

January 25th, 2002 Flashback's
5840 FM 1960 RD W
Houston, TX 77069
(281) 852-0608

text and images courtesy
outboard johnson.com ©2002

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