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How long have you guys been playing together and what made you go in the direction of a Tribute Band? We have been together for only about 8 months. For me, Steve, the reason for the tribute was my way of getting back into playing music after being out of it for 15 years. I played in very heavy metal bands in the early 80's. Mostly tons of Judas Priest, Scorpions and Iron Maiden. So coming back in an 80's tribute band felt the most comfortable and helped me ease back into the scene and give me a little confidence. For the the rest of the band, they were all in some other bands but looking to do a side project. Preferably something that would draw a nice crowd and be fun. From our very first "real" show we knew we had hit on something that could be big. The crowds were large and very into it. Soon the little side project became "THE" project. But we are all itching to play original music and some other non-Leppard covers. So, our original project, Wraith, is in the works and we've already played out with our other cover alter ego, Mr. Lucky, that ranges from the 70's to 2002.

High n Dry

High n Dry is:
Rus Gib - Lead Vocals
Clint Springer - Guitar and Vocals
Steve Jones - Guitar and Vocals
Bill Thompson - Drums and Vocals
Kenny Jones - Bass

Sat 15-Feb-2003 10:00pm
Westfields w/Mystic Cross

Sat 22-Feb-2003 10:00pm
Al's Sports Bar w/ Mr Lucky

Fri 28-Feb-2003 10:00pm
The Sunset Bar w/Mr. Lucky

text and images courtesy http://highndry.net

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Feature Bands Archive

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