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Of the popular post SRV Texas guitar slingers, Hadden Sayers took the straight road. When Ian Moore turned eclectic and Chris Duarte veered towards jazz, he was sticking to the roots of rock and adding some southern R&B. Before forming and (and recently reforming) the Hadden Sayers Band, he played lead guitar and wrote songs for longtime Texas favorite Miss Molly & The Whips for three years, and toured with Silent Partners, featuring Lucky Peterson and Tony Coleman (B.B. King's Drummer). No doubt you can hear some SRV in his music but more than a couple Hadden Sayers songs actually remind me of John Hiatt in his Slow Turning years, while others bring back the funky feelings of early ZZ Top.

The Hadden Sayers Band latest cd "Supersonic" was recorded over a 2 year period at Nashville's "Hum Depot" studios at a slower pace than the norm for Sayers. "In the past, we would spend about a month to make a record. It was a nice experience to not be rushed and to let the album take shape on its own. It sounds fantastic!" . His songwriting tends to more pop/rock with an underlying blues feel. Not that he doesn't still play the blues, he's just not held down by them. And I don't believe the John Hiatt comparison would be lost on him as he states on his web site, "I've always had a sarcastic edge to my lyrics and I guess its becoming more evident. 'Email Lover', (a tongue-in-cheek tune about online romance) for example, is something I would never have considered for any of my earlier projects but it works here and I like that."

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Like many artists today the Hadden Sayers Band has songs available online at mp3.com. My favorite is Paper Moon.

Hadden Sayers Band - Supersonic

Hadden Sayers Band
on the road

1/22 Gypsie's, Myrtle Beach, SC
1/23 Wild Wing's, Hilton Head, SC
1/24 Double Door, Charlotte, NC
1/25 Hunter Hill Pub, Rocky Mount, NC
1/28 Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse, NY
1/29 Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester, NY
1/31 Black Eyed Sallies, Hartford, CT

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