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Life is full of battles. How do we choose to fight them? Do we choose to live life in retreat or advancing? We all seek to be relevant and as a band, Four Star Union is no different. Four Star Union chooses relevance every time they step onto their battlefield: the stage. Behind every note, every cymbal crash, every scream, every bursting emotion is an effort to focus on more than music. Maybe it's too vast a goal, but then most battles are more than anyone can handle by themselves. When the show is over and everyone's eardrums have been busted, crowds leave satisfied, knowing they just shared in something special. If the band isn't exhausted when they are done with a show, they haven't done their job: to deliver the best rock possible, and hopefully say something meaningful along the way.

Hailing from the small Texas town of Brenham, TX, Four Star Union consists of guitarist Duane, bassist Eric, Isac (guitar), Mark (drums), and Al (vocals). The current line-up has been together since the beginning of 2004 with Duane and Eric being the founding members of what was an ever-changing line-up. All but one member of the band work full-time jobs and identify with the demands of everyday life. Applying their work ethic to the band, they know recognition of the band and the music must be earned. Four Star Union asks for no favors or special treatment, just a chance to share aggressively melodic rock.

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Four Star Union's self-titled CD: The Lost and Found

Go see Four Star Union!

LYF Festival @ Sugar Creek Baptist Church
13444 SW Freeway
Houston, TX 77084
Cost: $5, Doors open at 4:00pm

4:30--LYF Band
9:00--Four Star Union
10:00--Soul Removed
30 PS2 & 12 X Box Stations
Internet Stations
Coffee/Snack Cafe

The Harbour

6:30 PM    Cost: $7.00
2304 N. Alexander Dr
Baytown, TX 77520

Crossover, Four Star Union, TBA, Threnody, Up In Arms Visit

www.theharbourbaytown.com for more info.


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