This weeks featured Houston band is DUNE TX.

Only because Chris Sacco has the cojones  to show his



Seriously though...

NO! Not seriously though!

Cuz these guys have so much fun playin' that it just makes you smile.

I still think of them as a Texas Green Day, but the guys in Dune TX say they're not really into Billie Joe and the boys from Cali.

Chris Sacco (center, guitar+vocals) has that Texas punk attitude swinging and a guitar style that kicks ass! Plus, he digs Jimi too, along with Weezer, Fu Manchu and Tripping Daisy.

Tim Herrmann (left, drums) kicks the flow on everything. He grooves to The Who, Led Zep, Big Country, and Big Star.

Rusty Guess, on the right, (are these their real names?)  is the sly bassman. Like I said before, he just has such a good time up there that it's contagious. He's diggin' on Foo Fighters,
Fu Manchu and Black Sabbath. Oh yeah, he kicks ass on the bass too.

 Machowagon, their second album, was nominated for Album Of The Year in the Houston Press Music Awards 2000. It's all that.

The flow on Machowagon starts nicely with Feelin' Alright but then you really feel the groove with Six-Five. A song with all the Who influence, Mamas and Popas references, good vibes and shit you need to get you through.

A song like Swinger just leaves Billie Joe and the boys in Green Day in the dust as far as I'm concerned.

She's such a bitch. That's the opening line of The Weez. Nuff said.

On So Hard, Sacco lays on the Brit from Texas accent fully completely.

Another one I really dig is Flowers, but the prime cut is definitely Machowagon. Of course, a song about a car is always great, but any song that has a Jimi style wah-wah pedal riff, plus references to Clyde "The Glyde" Drexler and Willona from the show Good Times, is just too fucking cool not to take notice of.

Gimme some flava.

Go an' see'em Friday 8/4 at Rudz, or 8/18 at Mary Jane's.

It gets even better live. Trust me.


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