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Dodd Michael Ledde maintains a charismatic showmanship founded during his earlier band years, although these days performs regularly as a solo artist. He muses about having traded in his electric guitar for the quieter tones of an acoustic, but he is not willing to compromise his rock & roll roots. He continues to wear his rock & roll past on his sleeve like a badge of honor. "Rock & roll is like a full contact sport. It’s bruised knuckles and skinned knees. It’s admiration for all of the legends that have come before you, and a respect for all of the one’s that come after. It’s something you really have to believe in to be involved with."

In October of 2001, Dodd entered Space City Sounds recording studios with engineer Mike BBQ to lay down tracks for what would eventually become his debut release, whatever happened to you. It started as a songwriting demo to shop around to publishers and to audition musicians. But it soon became a fully orchestrated band effort, with one exception; there wasn’t an actual band. "When I started, it was just me, an acoustic guitar, and a handful of songs I had written over the course of the past year. But now, the songs have been rearranged with rhythm tracks, percussion instruments, and layers of guitars by several friends and borrowed musicians."

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Judging by sales during the first month of its release, whatever happened to you shows enough promise to open doors. Reviews have been favorable and the industry is beginning to take notice. Click here to listen to Blue Sky Feeling.

The Java House Acoustic Outlaw Tour
January 6 - 9 - Space City Sounds
Recording Studio, League City, TX
7:00pm - 11:00pm
January 11 - Kenny J's Coffee Shop 4650 Nasa Rd 1, Clear Lake, TX
8:00pm - 10:00pm
January 12 - Space City Sounds
Recording Studio, League City, TX
12:00pm - 8:00pm

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