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"Collective Hallucination is musical sensory hallucinations induced by the power of suggestion. They generally occur in heightened emotional situations, especially among the musically devoted. The expectancy and hope of bearing witness to a miracle, because of long hours spent writing, rehearsing and performing, makes the band pray and hope fans and supporters will be susceptible to seeing such things as weeping statues, moving icons and musically painted portraits. They pray the listener will be moved by what he or she hears to the point of wanting to hear it again."

With a career starting only around 5 years ago, Collective Hallucination is undoubtedly on the verge of becoming one of Houston's great unsigned independent soul bands. Ant Boogie, aka Anthony Frazier, the band leader and creative force, has been in the music industry since he was 13 years old and has been instrumental in the success of artists Des'ree and Eric Benet, rap group Black Sheep, and Destiny's Child. You can't mention Ant with talking about High Volume Music, a community oriented store now on the internet, known for helping to raise money for many charities. High Volume Music also has a number of consumer oriented events all of which are sponsored in part by Sunnyside Posse Management and Promotions (SPM) throughout the year.

Now in late 2004, after the birth of his son Prince, and the unfortunate death of his beloved father Jacob Frazier, Ant Boogie and the band have been writing new material for their next release. Just this month Ant has signed a distribution deal with Cathouse Records for their latest, "Collective Hallucination Presents: The Peripheral Moment."

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The Peripheral Moment

We're Not That Different

My Girl And My Guitar

Where belief in miracles exists, evidence will always be forthcoming to confirm its existence. In the case of moving lyrics and melodies, the belief produces the hallucination and the hallucination confirms the belief.
-- Ant Boogie

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Ant Boogie



J Thunder

Black Chylde

J Lightning



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