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Chasmatic, is the grammatically incorrect adjectival form of “chasmal,” meaning “like a chasm.” Chasmatic is an alt. country, bar band with indie rock pretensions.

What is your band like, Marshall? Tell us!

"Well, we try not to dwell on complex structure or fancy time signatures. Nor do we impress with our technical proficiency. We are not a titillating festival of psych noise. We are not Brit Pop throwbacks. We are not Emo. We don’t come close to offering anything that is “post-” (e.g., post-punk, post-rock, post-electroclash). No, instead, we are the band that offers you a break from all that “RAWK” other Houston bands force upon you. With us, it’s all about the heartfelt, writer’s workshop lyrics and country / western infused, Replacements fuel’d sound. We would play it ’til our arms fell of, but really, we hardly break a sweat. We are proud to be a part of the diverse Houston music culture, and hope that you come see us when we play with other, louder rock bands."

"Chasmatic tries very hard to dip their little feet (pun intended) into damn near every genre possible. We will start a set with a Trail of Dead-like instrumental before heading into songs that rip off a billion other artists, including Old '97s, Superchunk, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, the Lemonheads, and Built To Spill. The singer sounds like either Britt Daniel, Stephen Malkmus, or Corey Hart, depending on which decade you grew up in. Wholesome Rollers begat Telluride Band who re-christened themselves Chasmatic."

Marshall Preddy
(guitar and vocals)

Jeff Senske
(drums, vocals)

Josh Denkmire

Kicker Wisdom is Chasmatic's latest release.

Hear the new song Life Is A Thrill.

Check out their online only release
The Great Breakfast EP.

Go See Chasmatic
9:30pm Saturday, Feb. 22, 2003
The Proletariat
903 Richmond, Houston, TX

text and images © 2003 courtesy http://chasmatic.com

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