Feature Band- 12/1/2004

Spicy rhythms, imaginative wordplay, and a sincerity of sound crafted on real instruments unify and diversify the artistic palate of the Buddhacrush. Their yin and yang cultural stew doesn't just stick to the recipes but feasts on funky pop songs mixed with jazzy improvisations and wild immediacy. The band's ingredients are certainly irresistible!

This sextet began forming in May of 2000 and features recent Rosebud member Ian Barry on guitar; bass master Kent "Westside" Bryant; former Zealots front man Tim McGlashen sings, plays guitar, and percussion; Danny Lee, Tim's Zealots cohort, affectionately known as "Baldilox", adds the groove on drums; local sax legend “Skeets” from jam band Pot Roast and reggae act King Cobra sweetens this melodic pot; and Dru Ray rounds out the mix on trombone. The Buddhacrush songs are a truly synergistic pop/jazz/funk melting pot, drawing on a variety of influences and meshing organically into a voice that seems natural, not contrived. “We are first and foremost songwriters,” states Tim, “And our songs continue to deepen the raw emotional style and musical power this group inherently possesses.”

The Buddhacrush live show is not to be missed. Be sure to catch a show this month.

Friday, December 3 - 9pm
Sharky's Sports Café & Lounge
5222 Barker Cypress, #170 (at Keith Harrow)
Houston, Texas 832.455.5772

Friday, December 10 - 9pm
1115 University Avenue
Huntsville, Texas 936-730-8400

Friday, December 17 - 8pm "Early Show"
Main Street Crossing
111 West Main Street
Tomball, TX 77375

Saturday, December 18
The Logon Cafe
3805 Calder Ave.
Beaumont, Texas (409) 832-1529

Saturday, January 22 - 9pm
Sharky's Sports Café & Lounge
5222 Barker Cypress, #170
(at Keith Harrow)
Houston, Texas 832.455.5772

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The new release from The Buddhacrush Change Reaction is available online at OutboundMusic.Com or look for it at my favorite CD store Cactus Music & Video.

Click below to listen to clips from
Change Reaction

A Little God

Rendevous With Beloved


all text and images courtesy buddhacrush

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