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The website for Houston band Beryl Grady gets high marks from Mark. Take a simple but diverse web site and throw some nice small flash movies and it makes for a good journey throught the land of Beryl Grady. The web site is designed and run by Stevie MuRee who also happens to be the lead singin' flute blowin' acoustic guitar playin' woman fronting this band. She also runs Sarasound.com (web design), skatetrash.com, and many others.

My fave page for graphics is the music page with a very spacey fractal border. I had to go to the ubl.com site to listen to the mp3s cuz the windows media player didn't work for me. but then again I haven't had an upgrade on my browser lately. Flash music files are promised in the near future.

Back to the good points. A lyrics page with Stevie explaining, "Most people tend to just make up some words that sound like what the lyrics might be. I really like hearing what people come up with when they can't understand what the singer is actually saying. Sometimes what people think it is turns out to be even cooler than what the actual lyrics are so, if you enjoy not knowing, that's cool too. If you really want to know, the lyrics to all of the newer songs are posted here for your viewing." I never thought of that! But then, being a songwriter myself, I always wanna know the lyrics. Hopefully she'll share some of the alternate lyrics soon.

Beryl Grady is Stevie Muree, Martin Butler on guitar, and Mike Horan on bass, over the back beat of Don Rosecrans on drums. It appears they all write the music and Stevie writes the lyrics to some footstompin' rock and roll with funky backbeats and classic rock guitars. Pair that with acoustical ballads and a rockin' flute? Heh! How's that? It's friggin' great!

On the song , Nothing New, which has the Rush styled wah guitar, thumping bass, and the beautiful Stevie belting out tough Texas vocals that I think are more of her own syle than anyone elses. ( kinda like that girl from Madman Justice...?)

On Hate It Here, Mike starts off with a rockin' bass intro to an even more rockin' song of saying goodbye.

I'm anxiously awaiting the release fo the CD so's I can hear some more!

The Grady Bunch page is full of crazy folks that are friends with the band. The Upcoming Shows page has some nice live photos and the booking info. Lots of good links on the Press Coverage page. The bio page has a cool little movie and there's lots of live and in-studio pics on the photo page. Be sure to scroll down the main page and go to the online Beryl Grady store!

Click here to see all the pics from Friday at The Field
with Beryl Grady!

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