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Badd Karma utilizes a skillful blend of punk, funk, and heavy rock and roll with lyrics about life, lust and that crap that just happens everyday. They connect with their audience by kicking ass and having a great time doing it. Live shows are always packed with high energy and often littered with surprises and random acts of craziness. The Badd Karma line up Matt "man" Kelly , vocals, guitar, verbal abuse; Troy "T-Bag" Carroll vocals, drums, mastermind; Clint Carroll guitars, killer dance moves; Kiko vocals, bass, rock star attitude. Musical influences range from Bob Marley to Rage Against The Machine with one member openly admiring Ben Folds Five. All songs are written by Badd Karma except for those few exceptions where a song may be creatively covered.

Hear the new demo The Republic Sessions

Fri. Dec. 13, 8pm-12am
D's Bar & Grille
Hwy 36 @ Ave B. Somerville, Tx (979) 596-2218

Wed. Jan 8, 7pm-10pm
Alternative Scream Show w/ DJ Woo & ReZoR-tZ
Live at
Waugh at Fairview in the Montrose
Interviews and airing of The Republic Sessions.
Fans welcome!

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