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2nd Hand Solution, founded in 2001, is a band with a versatile style that exists somewhere between Emo/Metal, Hard Rock, and Alternative with an edge. The musical influences driving this Wallis, Texas band range as far and wide as bands like The Cure, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Recover, Sparta, AFI, Weezer, Thursday, and Poison the Well just to name a few. These guys have done countless original shows at some of the most diverse original venues in and around the Houston area. These venues include The Engine Room, Mary Jane’s Fat Cat, The Rhythm Room, and Sherlock’s Pub. In addition to their original music, 2nd Hand Solution also enjoys a repertoire that rivals any Houston rock band around. When you go to a 2nd Hand show, you can expect anything from fury driven original melodies to today’s top acts as well as yesterday’s rock legends. Don’t expect just some 2nd rate garage band when you see these guys. Be ready for a display of raw energy and adrenaline-powered ecstasy.

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Listen to a 2nd Hand Solution original song:

Everyday Ending

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See 2nd Hand Solution live!

Saturday, May 28th, 2005
Speakeasy Lounge
110 Main Street
Houston, Tx 77002
(713) 547-0655
w/ Drexl

text and images courtesy http://2ndhandsolution.com

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